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 Artist: Tina Yeung 

 McDonald's is Lost But Found

 2020 , 3D models and digital editing 

If you are protesting, please remember to boycott the food made by your enemies.

Artist attempts to depict her remembrance and struggles of McDonald’s ever since she was a child. The dining experience is recreated in 3D models that are meant to fulfill her lost memories from striking on McDonald’s over half a year.

The memories never seem to fade, but through this process of reassembling this delicious fast food allows her to recall the taste once more.

** China owned the franchise rights of McDonald’s company in Hong Kong


Oversea exhibition: The Ghost in Walls


 Venue: ITALIC, Berlin, Germany 

 Date: 27 July 2020 - 2 August 2020 


After two weeks of (online) intensive talks, studio visits and discussions with various Berlin based cultural agents, artists, musicians, curators, philosophers and critics, the students share their reflections and impressions on the past, present and considerations of the future - in light of their own particular experiences of place - by creating their unique postcard images.

The exhibition invites visitors to participate in this mail art exchange by sharing their thoughts and sentiments on the postcards, which will be correspondently sent to each student.

Alfonse CHIU, Alice FISCHER, Amy FAN, Caitríona McALLISTER, Danuka Ana TOMAS, Edo BUTTINELLI, Elizabeth KEZIA, Felicia AGATHA, Freya HUANG Suhuai, Hugo von ALLMEN, Liina LEO, Melody MOU, Neko ZHANG, Peien CHIU, Pratibha NAMBIAR, Tina YEUNG, Victoria HERTEL, Will BRITTEN, Xun HONG, YANG Chen, Janice TSUI, Ann MAK, WONG Hei Chit

- City University of Hong Kong / School of Creative Media
- Hong Kong Baptist University
- Kyoto Seika University
- LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)
- Taipei National University of the Arts
- University of the Arts London
- Zurich University of the Arts

Instagram: @theghostinwalls

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