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Pandora's Traps


Participatory performance art

The concept of cyber spying comes from Season 3 episode 3 of Black Mirror called “shut up and dance”, the Netflix television series. Never can you imagine that webcams, microphones and browsers may be mediums to spy you secretly. Uncertainties and insecurities on the internet surround us but we cannot avoid. Every day when we turn on our phone we may fall into a “trap” yet we never know.


What is your feeling if a printer automatically prints a portrait of you and some sentences are describing you ? Confusion, fear or even anger may immediately come up to your mind because your privacy is exploded to the public. Yet hardly can you clear all records. Truly that the picture can be teased by a shredder. However when the audience visits the last part, one may feel desperate. There is an old television showing how the artist teased paper strips are reassembled. This participatory performance art wants to bring out one important message – Never would you know someone is watching you.


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