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The Tiny Things


Scanography & Photoshop editing  

Dimension variable 

In this society, a lot of social issues we may ignore after the big discussion like subdivided flat, terrorist and so on. I read some interesting news like “Animal communicator” which is about some people pretending they can communicate with the animal but actually not; a white woman born black twins with a white husband claimed she didn’t cheat while at the end DNA prove the twins didn’t have same DNA with the dad. During I created this work, I experienced my relationship problems, so many feelings and tiring between me and my lover. Putting objects on the scanner with a black background which catches the moments of those tiny objects and toys with different combinations to express the doubts and struggles in my daily life.


Group Exhibition – "Pathfinder"

IAM International Art Moves (IAM international art moves) and Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU Hong Kong
Date: 11 January 2020 - 18 January 2020
Time: 12:00 – 18:00
Venue: Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany


tiny thing 2.jpg
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